California Writers Part 1

About Guest:

Scott Thomas Anderson is a journalist whose work regularly appears in The San Francisco Chronicle and The Sacramento News & Review. He studied American Literature at the University of California at Davis, and while the bulk of his 15-year career has been primarily as a crime reporter, he’s recently started to balance that focus by returning to his roots of writing about literature, culture and travel. His most ambitious project on this front has been writing and producing a documentary podcast series that involves traveling to different cities around the world to study the link between drinking cultures and creative legacies. He calls the series “Drinkers with Writing Problems”. Season 1, which includes episodes written and recorded in Ireland, Scotland, Spain, New Orleans and Hollywood, is currently available on most podcast platforms. The premier of Season 2, which is an episode about writers during the California Gold Rush, premiers on January 20, 2022.
Songs played in this episode:
“Echo” by Glass Wave
“Easy Wind” by The Grateful Dead