Eric McLuhan on Marshall McLuhan

About Guest:

An internationally-known and award-winning lecturer on communication and media, Dr. McLuhan has over 40 years’ teaching experience in subjects ranging from high-speed reading techniques to literature, communication theory, media, culture, and Egyptology. He has taught at many colleges and universities throughout the United States, Canada and abroad.
In addition to co-authoring “Laws of Media” in 1988 and working closely for many years with his father, the late Marshall McLuhan, he has also been deeply involved in exploring media ecology and communications.
His research and thinking has been published in books, magazines, and journals covering topics such as media, communications, perception, and literature since 1964. He is currently researching the nature and structure of renaissances, including the one that now envelops us: the first global renaissance.
His most recent published work includes “The Sensus Communis – Synesthesia, and the Soul” (BPS Books, 2015), “Cynic Satire” (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015), and a third book in the “The Human Equation” series (BPS Books, 2012).