Andrea Nightingale on J.A. Baker's “The Peregrine”

About Guest:

Prof. Andrea Nightingale has worked primarily on Greek and Roman philosophy and literature. She has also written on the philosophy and literature of ecology (in the modern and postmodern periods).  She has been awarded a fellowship at the Stanford Humanities Center, an ACLS Fellowship, and a Guggenheim Fellowship.  

She is a Harvard Senior Fellow for the Hellenic Center (2010-2014).  Her publications include Genres in Dialogue:  Plato and the Construct of Philosophy (Cambridge University Press); Spectacles of Truth:  Theoria in its Cultural Context; and  Once out of Nature:  Augustine on Time and the Body (University of Chicago Press).  

She has also co-edited (with David Sedley) Ancient Models of Mind:  Studies in Human and Divine Rationality (Cambridge UP Press).   She has done 3 hour-long shows on Robert Harrison's radio show, “Entitled Opinions,” on Epicurus, Plato, and Melville's Moby Dick.