EO listener Sasha Borovik on Life, Literature, and Lermontov

About Guest:

Sasha was born in western Ukraine when it was a part of the Soviet Union.  In early youth, he recognized the deficiencies of the communist system and found his refuge in the vast corpus of Russian literature.  After a fall-out with the pro-communist administration of his university in Moscow in 1989, he had illegally crossed the Soviet border and moved to Prague. With the support of former Czech dissidents he entered the Law Faculty at Charles University from which he graduated in 1996. Sasha also holds an advanced law degree from Harvard Law School. 

Currently he is an attorney at Microsoft in which position he routinely works on various projects with the international organizations, such as UNESCO, UN, EC and Nato.  Sasha resides in Munich, Germany and frequently travels around the world. His highlights include stays with Eskimos reindeer herders in the mountains of the Russian Far East, with natives in remote Ecuadorian jungles and crisscrossing Patagonia on a back of a horse with Argentinian gauchos.

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