Marília Librandi Rocha on Nuance and Brazil

About Guest:

MARÍLIA LIBRANDI ROCHA specializes in Brazilian literature and culture within a comparative framework. She is particularly focused on the modern period, from the nineteenth century to the present.
She was born in São Paulo, where she earned her MA and PhD in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature from the Universidade de São Paulo. From 2004-2008, she taught in the Department of Linguistics and Literary Studies at Universidade Estadual do Sudoeste da Bahia, where she coordinated the annual meeting of SETHIL (Seminar on Theory and Literary History). She was the editor of the journal Magma (USP), and she has edited the journal Floema, co-organizing various thematic issues.
Professor Librandi has edited an anthology of the poetry of J.P.Goldberg entitled, Poemas-Vida (Rio de Janeiro: 7Letras, 2008). Her forthcoming book, Uma ponte entre: ficção e filosofia. Ensaios comparados de Literatura brasileira (7Letras), contains essays focused on: Sousândrade, Federico García Lorca, and the philosophy of multinaturalism; the Murilo Mendes poem, “Algo” in relation to the concepts of “production of presence” and the “figural”; Paulo Leminski’s novel, Catatau, and the dilemmas of a “tropical style” as opposed to Cartesian thought; and João Guimarães Rosa's short stories in light of the theories of Derrida and Gorgias. The volume's second part examines books by Luiz Costa Lima, João Adolfo Hansen, Augusto de Campos and Haroldo de Campos.

“Passarim,” Tom Jobim
Marlui Miranda
“Só (Solidão),” Tom Zé