Heather Webb and Connie Solari on the heart

About Guest:

Heather Webb specializes in the literature and cultural history of medieval and Renaissance Italy. Areas of research include Dante, early Italian lyric poetry, devotional poetry and prose and history of the body. Her book manuscript, entitled The Medieval Heart: Circulation before William Harvey, is currently under review. She has published essays on Giovanni da San Gimignano's analysis of sensory function, Catherine of Siena's ideas about the heart and on Dante's “rime petrose.” An essay on Paradiso 25 is forthcoming. Professor Webb regularly teaches two GEC classes in English, Dante in Translation (IT 251) and IT 151. She also teaches varied courses in Italian at the graduate and undergraduate levels and is on the oversight committee for the Center for the Study of Religion.

Connie Solari has been on the faculty at Sacred Heart Preparatory in Atherton, California since 1972, teaching primarily English and some French. She also served as Academic Dean / Dean of Faculty for 14 years (until 2004). In addition, she has served on a U.S. Network Board Committee dedicated to formation of faculty, staff, trustees, and parents within Sacred Heart schools.