Elisabeth Boyi on African and Caribbean Francophone Writers

About Guest:

Professor Elisabeth Mudimbe-Boyi is affiliated with both the French & Italian and Comparative Literature departments. Her teaching and research interests include cultural relations between Europe, Africa and the Caribbean; literature, intellectuals and society; and women writers. Before coming to Stanford in 1995, Professor Boyi taught at universities in the Congo and Burundi, as well as Haverford College and Duke University. She was a Visiting Professor in the French Department of the Graduate Center, CUNY in 1994. In 1999-2000 Professor Boyi was a Fellow at the Stanford Humanities Center. In 2002-2003 Professor Boyi was the president of the African Literature Association, a non-profit society of scholars dedicated to the advancement of African Literary Studies. She is currently a member of the Executive Council (2003-2006) of the Modern Language Association, where she represents the field of French.
Among Mudimbe-Boyi's publications are Jacques-Stephen Alexis: une écriture poétique, un engagement politique, “Post-Colonial Women Writing in French;” and Beyond Dichotomies: Histories, Identities, Culture, and the Challenge of Globalization (2002). Her latest book is Remembering Africa (2002).